Pre-treatment of cargo

Pre-treatment of cargo
27 January, 2016

In all cases, successful shipping begins at the product sourcing area. It is essential that all products are treated correctly prior to the time of stuffing. Even with correct temperature, ventilation and humidity during the voyage, cargo will only arrive in perfect condition if the pre-treatment has been performed correctly. As we say with a smile – “the reefer container is not a hospital. It can maintain your good quality cargo – not improve it “.

Pre-cooling of cargo

Products should, whenever possible, be pre-cooled to the required carriage temperature before being stuffed into the container. The earlier pre-cooling is started, the better and longer shelf life for the produce. Generally reefer containers are built to maintain the temperature of the products, not to lower it. However, with the newest software and reefer technologies, the reefer container is capable of pulling temperature down much faster than earlier.

In general, Maersk Line does accept cargo at higher temperature than set-point and a few commodities are accepted as loaded at ambient temperature. Bananas are one of these commodities.