Checklist for reefer cargo

Checklist for reefer cargo
10 February, 2016


  • If a power plug is available - turn unit on and set/select temperature to 0 °C. Allow unit to start up and run for 5-10 minutes and carefully monitor that the reefer is pulling down the temperature.
  • Check that unit is set at correct carrying temperature.
  • Check that ventilation is set at the correct level in cbm/hour (for frozen cargo always CLOSED)
  • Check that De-Humidity is set at the correct level (for frozen cargo always OFF)
  • Stuff the cargo according to guidelines
  • Cargo should be stable and not able to move once placed on the T-bar floor
  • Cargo must NOT exceed the red load lines
  • Make sure the airflow is not restricted by cargo or packaging material.
  • Air gaps should be covered with material allowing no air to pass through.
  • Load only to the end of the T-bar floor
  • Close doors immediately after the stuffing has been completed
  • Seal the container